12 Steps to completing your renovation

1. Floorboards

We have now completed sanding and polishing our Matai floor boards.  We did however come across some issues with movement from the floor which created ripples in the floorboards. This meant they needed extra sanding and that set us a day behind schedule. We had never seen anything like this and it was quite a hassle because we had so many contractors booked in and you end up with a domino effect. However we managed to work it out and stay on track.

3. Carpet

We have had our Irvine carpets laid in the bedrooms and we are really satisfied with the quality; they seem durable yet soft.

4. Windows & Doors

We’ve finished fitting all the windows and doors throughout the house and have been able to remove the plastic from our windows so we finally have a view outside!

5. Electrical

Brenton from TL electrical had a busy few days doing the final fit off in the house. All the lighting, switches, power points, data and alarm systems are now installed. We’ve really appreciated the speed at which he’s done everything and the quality of his service.  We’re also really happy with how our HPM Arteor gear looks and it’s been receiving a lot of comments already.

6. Plumbing

Glen from G.King Plumbing has come in and finished fitting all the plumbing equipment including our stellar Hansa tapware which we found at Franklins Plumbing.  Now that the tap ware and vanities have been installed our bathroom is complete!

7. Gass Fitter

Our gas fitter installed our gas hot water system and gas fire hob this week, so we’re ready to cook and stay warm!

9. Outdoor Fireplace

Our outdoor fireplace has been challenging to complete due to constant rain. That has held up the plastering continuously but thankfully we only have one more top coat of plaster to go and it will finally be completed.

10. Concrete Patio

Next week the guys from Stellar Surfaces will come in to grind and polish our concrete patio. At the moment it’s looking pretty rough with muddy footprints all over it so it will be exciting to see the transformation as it gets ground back and sealed.

11. Outdoor Painting

Three quarters of the house has now been painted. We’ve made sure that our painters finished all the areas that are beside grass first. This is because once our lawns are seeded we won’t be able to walk on them for a while. As mentioned last week our painters have put in an awful lot of work into the preparation which is already paying off as we’re getting compliments from our neighbours.

12. Grass

Tomorrow the guys from Woolgro will be here to lay our grass. Their system uses a woollen mat which grass seeds are sewn into, they then germinate and develop into lush grass with strong roots.

Final Touches

So our interior is now pretty much complete. All that’s left to build are little odds and ends such as shelves and wardrobe interiors and a few little painting touch ups are needed before we will be ready to move in!