A bedroom renovation cost guide, from low cost to lavish

cost to renovate a bedroomRenovating your bedroom can give you a beautiful new space to relax in, and with a bit of careful planning, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Most of us tend to live in the same home for years. Then we get that feeling of wanting something new in the house and you make plans to renovate. Taking it one room at a time is the most common approach. The bedroom is often the first room considered for renovation, as it’s a haven, an escape from the world. It’s where you want to be the most comfortable.

A basic renovation can start at NZ$2000 if you are only wanting a fresh coat of paint and some gorgeous new bed linens. For a massive overhaul that changes everything from furniture to finishes, fittings and fixtures, a budget of NZ$80,000 will get you a lavish brand new space. Let’s break down each of these categories and see just what it will cost you to renovate your bedroom.

How much does it cost to renovate a bedroom?

Renovating with a small budget: With a budget of approximately NZ$3000, you can give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint, add in some new linen and curtains and also buy a rug that hides a multitude of sins. And if you are a bargain shopper, you can pick up a whole new queen bedroom package for as little as NZ$1000.

Depending on your DIY skills you can choose to paint the room yourself. Consider painting window sashes, door frames and skirting boards in a complimentary colour that doesn’t have to be white. Paying attention to these smaller details will give the room a modern, fresh look.

If you would rather use a professional painter who will take care of the basic prep work needed and the painting, be ready to pay around NZ$20 to NZ$40 per square meter of area. These charges for a professional do not include the cost of filling cracks or skimming, painting the skirting or doors and other smaller elements.

Linen, curtains and carpets will depend on the budget you have in mind and the quality and brand you invest in. Prices range hugely depending on if you find something at Spotlight or McKenzie and Willis.

Renovating with a mid-range budget: In addition to all of the above, there are a few things more that you can get done if your budget goes up to approximately NZ$11,000. Start by emptying the room and giving it a completely new paint job. This is when you can consider bringing a focus feature into the room. Wallpapers tend to do the trick – or you could choose an ornate Victorian style bed, or perhaps a small chandelier.

Wallpapering can be a DIY task, though if you want to be absolutely sure you don’t get things wrong, it’s best to call in the professionals who will charge you an hourly rate. This excludes the cost of the wallpaper roll which can go from NZ$70 to $200 depending on the brand. Consider which carpet you choose. Unless you have underfloor heating, timber or concrete floors can be unpleasantly cold. Whether you choose a beautiful rug or lay a warm wool carpet is your choice. There are so many varieties today including stain-resistant carpets, which make maintenance easy.

Within a mid-range budget also comes a good wardrobe. You can consider a simple two-door affair and even have a built-in wardrobe made. The cost of wardrobes begin at NZ$1300 rising to $5000 depending on materials and finish. A fully built-in wardrobe with soft-close drawers, hangers, and a range of other accessories can be expensive but it does away with the need for a separate dresser and shelving.

A high-end budget: If you are willing to spend upwards of NZ$30,000, you can consider a complete revamp. This will include refinishing and remodelling bedroom walls, bringing in ambient, controllable lights and installing furniture, fittings, furnishing and carpets that are of high quality. You can have a theme-based room and even bring smart technology into the room, with mood lights, electronic blinds and a sound system for soothing music. If you have an older house, then consider adding an en-suite, although the cost can be considerable to add all the plumbing.

How much does it cost to completely renovate a house?

It’s quite possible that once you are done with renovating the bedroom, you’ll be inspired to get on with doing the rest of the house as well. Home renovations can include extending your home, adding a floor or level, renovating other important rooms like the bathroom or the living room and even upgrading the kitchen.

Extending your home will come at a cost of around NZ$100,000 to $150,000 for 50SQM of added space. Any difference would be based on the inclusions you have as well as the type of construction that will be needed. Adding another floor is upwards of NZ$150,000 if it is possible to be done—not all homes have the capacity to add the extra weight. If you are looking at a complete change to the interiors it could be anywhere between NZ$41,000 going up to $100,000.

With all your planning you should ensure that you set aside a buffer amount during renovation for unexpected expenditure.

Hire the professionals

If you are wanting to do extensive renovations to your home, you need to get the professionals at Sika Homes in. Their knowledge, skill and extensive experience mean that they’ll get the job done perfectly, every time.  Unless you’ve got the time, skill and enthusiasm to DIY it to a quality you’re happy with, paying the experts is an easy choice. They save you time, make sure it’s completed to a high standard, and use the benefit of their experience to suggest innovative solutions and finishes.