How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

renovation cost for bathroom

The smallest room in the house sometimes ends up costing the most. But with a bit of thought and planning, you can minimise surprises and maximise the value of your home.

A bathroom is an essential part of every day life. However, without good care, they age quickly- after all, this is room we go to get clean, and it’s subjected to constant water use which encourages mould, mildew and rust. As a result, people usually renovate their bathrooms regularly- bad smells, poorly functioning plumbing and ground-in dirt are unpleasant in a room you should be comfortable in.

A basic renovation can cost as little as $10,000, and a high-end replacement can be well in excess of $30,000. Most people tend to spend about $25,000.

If you’re wanting a fresh coat of paint and to replace some tiles, it could be as little as a couple of thousand. However the minute you start replacing wall cladding or looking at the plumbing, costs will increase—bathroom renovations in Auckland aren’t cheap.

How to calculate the cost of your bathroom remodel

Knowing the average cost of renovations is good, but you really need to know how much YOUR bathroom renovation will cost. There are a few steps you need to take.

Step back and think about what’s wrong with the existing bathroom. What needs to change? Is it too small? Does it look dated? Is there water damage and mildew that you need to remove? Think about what you like about the existing space, such as the layout, or maybe you want to retain a claw-foot bath.

List everything that needs to be replaced. Think about lighting, tiles, paint, flooring, cabinetry, flooring, wall cladding, plumbing fixtures, taps and showers. This list may take a couple of days to establish as you’ll keep on finding things you want to change. If your home is older and you have galvanised pipes, you’ll probably need to replace these. Get a plumber in to quote for this.

Now, estimate the costs for all the items. Find the sink, toilet, tiles and fittings you like and enter them in. Now, labour costs. You cannot skimp on this—hiring an unqualified plumber or attempting to DIY will only create more problems for you in the future.

Now, add 15% for unforeseen issues. And that’s how much your bathroom renovation will cost.

How to save money on a bathroom renovation

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, cheap shouldn’t be the aim. But, there are a few ways you can save money and still have a quality refurbishment.

The first easy way to save money is to keep all the plumbing fittings in the same place. If you move the toilet or any other fixtures, then you’ll need to re-run plumbing. If you move the toilet or install a bidet, there could be additional compliance costs.

Do you need to replace everything? While that’s often the case, if you can retain the bath, toilet or vanity, you could be saving yourself some serious money.

If you have a marble taste but you’re on a plastic budget, don’t worry. There are some resin based bathroom sinks, baths, and vanities that have the look you want without the Italian price tag.

How much would it cost to remodel a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms are more expensive per m2 than a bigger bathroom. After all, you have to still have all the same things, just packed into a smaller space. Even for a small bathroom, estimate for at least $20,000. After all, the cost isn’t in the flooring or wall coverings, it’s in the plumbing and fittings.

Small bathrooms often utilise wall-mounted items too. Toilets, sinks and vanities can all be mounted and recessed slightly into the wall. These save you valuable space and give the impression of more room, as you can see the flooring run underneath. Unfortunately, these can be more expensive to buy and fit.

Bathroom renovation ideas to keep in mind

Storage is a problem in many bathrooms, especially small ones. There are permanent or temporary options, but the installation of a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage will add value in terms of resell. Just remember when you’re drawing up the floorplan, the cupboard doors and drawers should be able to fully open.

Lighting is really important, and you don’t want a dim bathroom. Recessed LED downlights are economical and don’t use much electricity. You’ll also need a method of air extraction, and windows are often not an option for security reasons. An extractor fan is important addition.

Timber is a good choice for bathroom floors if you have a warm home that’s not prone to dampness. It might be a way to save costs if you rip up lino to discover some beautiful floorboards underneath. You will need a polyurethane finish, and make sure to wipe up all wooden spills promptly. Make sure you consult a specialist flooring firm.

Sika Homes create beautiful bathrooms

If you’re wondering how much should it cost to renovate your bathroom, then we can help. Give us a call to chat to us about your bathroom renovation idea. We have years of experience and many happy customers that love our process, and the results.

It’s not an easy room to renovate but we have the knowledge, skills and experience to make yours as painless as possible, with minimal disruption to your household and a great end result.