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new build faq

Homes aren’t made with brick and mortar, they are built from dreams. We’re here to partner with you as you bring your dream to life.

How much deposit do I need for a new build?

When buying a new home, the required deposit is generally about 20%. However, the advantage of new builds is that deposits are lower than when you buy a home. Depending on various factors, it could be as little as 10% or even less than that in some cases. Contact your bank or lender to find out more.

How does a new build mortgage work?

There are various customized finance options that banks offer for a new build house. You may be able to get a loan without the standard 20% deposit. It’s also possible to get any interest on the loan to be added to the balance so you only start repayments after you have moved into your newly built house.

How much does it cost to build a house in NZ in 2019?

The cost of building a new home depends on various factors, including where you’re building, the quality of materials, the timeframe and the style you want. Cost per square metre here in New Zealand can range from $2000 to $6000 and above. We suggest you get in touch with us and have a chat about your dream project. We will be happy to guide you through the budgeting process.

Is it cheaper to build a 2 story home?

Building a two-story home is more expensive than a single story one as the cost of extra foundations, a staircase and scaffolding are involved. However, it allows you to get a lot more space on a smaller piece of land which offsets the extra cost. Another advantageous factor for a two-story home is that you may find it easier to sell in the future. We have observed from our experience in the market that larger homes are sold more easily than smaller ones.

Is building a house cheaper than buying?

Since the homeowner controls the cost of building a new house, you have better control on the overall cost of the project. On the flip side, however, since it is a personal project you may be tempted to indulge yourself. That may result in increased costs. There are also factors like the extra time spent on a new build which isn’t included in the new build house cost.

Are 2 story homes harder to sell?

We have observed that larger homes sell faster than the smaller ones. Families are opting for four to five-bedroom houses with the extra rooms being used as guest room and/or home office.

Is it better to build or buy a home?

This decision is linked to your aspirations, budget and how much time you have. The advantages of a ready home are that you get to move in almost immediately and exactly know what you get (in most cases).

However, a new build allows you to bring your dream to life exactly the way you want it. Also, building a home means that new materials are used and latest standards are followed, which is an advantage in the long term.

Is buying a new build a good investment?

If you are looking to move in yourself then new build homes in NZ are a great idea because everything is new and compliant with the latest building standards. They are warmer, drier and cheaper to heat than an older home.

How can I save money when building a house?

The best way to save money while building a new house is to be aware of your budget and long term aspirations.  Be thorough when creating your scope of works so there are no unexpected costs, and avoid changing things during the course of the build. Contact us to talk about economical house builds.

DIY may seem like a money-saving option, however, you lose more in time than the money you save. A professional is able to deliver projects in a shorter space of time and to the expected quality while you can focus on your career and family life.

How much does it cost to build a 2500 square foot home?

From our experience, a new build house cost can be anywhere between $200 to $600 per square foot. Of course it could be higher than that if you want to spend more and build a lavish home of your dreams. You are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Will I have to lodge the building consent?

No. We are proficient with the process of lodging and procuring consent from the local council. Our project managers manage all necessary processes So that you don’t have to. It’s a highly technical process and it’s incredibly important to get it right so it doesn’t delay the project.

What qualifications should my builder have?

Building a new home is an important milestone in your life, and it is paramount that you choose the right partner for this project. We suggest you start off by checking if the builder is a  LBP (licensed building practitioner). As an additional step, you can also check if they are listed with the New Zealand Certified Builders Association (NZCB) or the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA). Check they have health and safety qualifications.

Will I have to lodge the building consent?

A new build home can cost of anywhere between $2000 to $6000 per square metre.

Do I have to get special insurance for the build?

Yes, you need to get specialised contract works insurance which will protect you against any damage or accidental loss during the build. We can assist or make recommendations with this.

If you have any more questions about your dream home, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you turn your dream home into a reality.