Choosing the right renovation builders for your home

renovation builders for your homeYou have the perfect vision of what your renovated home will look like and now all you need is a builder who can get it there. But how can you tell if they’re up to the job?

You probably have heard about a number of different renovation builders, all of whom seem perfectly competent. So how do you narrow it down? Should you pick the one who gave you the lowest quote? Or the one your friend recommended? Or should you sign up with the builder who looks like he has the most experience? While all of these are relevant factors, depending on just one of these to make your decision is not the best idea. In addition to these, we have a few more factors that you should take into account.

Do they have the expertise required for the job?

Some builders specialise in period homes while others are experts at renovating bathrooms or kitchens. While your builder may be skilled when it comes to renovation, some projects require someone with more expertise in a specific area. The project may also require specialised tools.

To find out whether your builder has the experience required for the job at hand, just take a look at their previous work. You can ask to see their portfolio or speak to their previous clients. Based on these, you can get an understanding of their strengths and decide accordingly.

Check their credentials and reputation

Before you sign any agreement, it is always important to do check the basics. You can check if they have a valid LBP online via the NZ Licensed Building practitioner page.

You should also check to make sure that taking your project on will not stretch their resources too much. If they don’t have the bandwidth to take on your project, their work could be compromised.

Pop onto their Facebook page or Google My Business. Have people left good or bad reviews? This is key to note, and you can ask the builder about any worrying bad reviews. It’s possible that something did go wrong, they have changed their processes and they resolved a situation—a bad review isn’t always a deal-breaker.

Are they members of a reputed organisation?

Being part of a reputed organisation like Master Builder gives them an added advantage over their peers. This is because associations like this allot memberships based on building experience, workmanship and qualifications. There is also a 10 year Master Build guarantee on some aspects of the build, so if something goes wrong, even if the builder is no longer working, you’re covered. So when you hire one of their builders, you know that you can trust them, their skills and the future of your home.

Communication is important

Since you will have to work closely with the builder to get the result that you want, it is important that you make it clear from the beginning that you need open channels of communication. Have these channels clearly defined beforehand.

For instance, will a specific project manager be assigned to your project? Will this manager be your point of contact once the work begins and how often will you be able to discuss the progress of the project or raise your points of concern?

Hiring a builder with an open book policy helps to understand where your money is being spent so you won’t be surprised by extras or variations. Also, consider if your builder will be able to adapt to your requests. If he is open to including you in the building process, it will make things much easier.

Are you happy sitting and having a yarn with them? If so, that’s a good sign you’ll probably get along well throughout the project.

How is the quality of their work?

What are measures do they take to ensure the quality of their work on site? Do they have checklists? Are these comprehensive? What are their quality assurance practices?

In Auckland, renovation specialists such as SIKA Homes are members of Master Builders association and other reputable organisations. They offer you not only experience and commitment to the project but also guarantees. For instance, a 10 year guarantee for structural defects and a two year guarantee for defects in materials or workmanship

How long does a gut renovation take?

The time a builder takes to complete the work will be dependent on a number of factors- complexity, the weather, availability of materials and size of the building team. Ask your builder about expected timeframes. Are you going to move out while they build, or are you going to stay living in the building site?

How much does it cost for a house renovation?

Cost is certainly an important factor to consider as well. For a house renovation in Auckland, renovation companies can charge a wide difference in prices depending on the scope of the project and the luxuriousness of the project.

However, don’t simply choose the cheapest quote. If a company is offering to do the job a lot cheaper than the average rate, you should question why it is so. Are they covering the same things at the other builders? Have they factored in all the costs? If not, they can add costs on as a variation afterwards and end up costing you more than you anticipated.

At Sika Homes, we tick all the boxes

As much as these considerations are important to take into account, don’t forget that you will be working closely with your builder, so having a great relationship with them is one of the most important things to have. If you are looking for great renovation builders in Auckland, contact us at Sika Homes to talk about your renovations, what you want, and how we can help you get it.